Transfuturism is a photography, oral history, and art activism project that utilizes Afrofuturistic art to render the lives of black trans and gender non-conforming folk complex and visible. I photograph and record the narratives and lived experiences of trans and gender non-conforming people to illustrate how transgressing gender affords a particular form of liberation, but also leads to new forms of identity challenges. Then, working with an Afrofuturist artists, create a digital artwork that transforms the participant into an Afrofuturistic super hero.

The Tranfuturism truck serves two purposes, (1) exhibit the project and (2) recruit new participants. Outside of the truck will be installation art displaying photographs, participant quotes, Afrofuturist art, and activities to get people thinking and talking about the intersections of gender and race. We will engage people in dialogue to address the issues that transgendered people face as well as the social construction of gender at the intersections of race. Inside the truck will be a full photography and recording studio to photograph and interview transgendered and gender non-conforming people and add their stories to the museum. The goals of this project are to humanize trans and gender non-conforming bodies through art activism and dialogue, and inspire healing in communities that are transphobic and exclusive. I already own the equipment and have begun the photography sessions, interviews, and art work development.

​© 2016 Amber Johnson, Assistant Professor, Communication Department, Saint Louis University. 

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