Our country rests at a pivotal moment of political divisiveness around social identities. We are constantly confronted with negative imagery, stereotypes, oppressive language, and violence. These images and experiences embed themselves into our thoughts and minds, creating a culture of fear around our own biases and prejudices. The Radical Imagination exhibit focuses on creating a space for people to imagine a just world where liberation and freedom from oppression are possible. The Radical Imagination exhibit will venture into communities and create a maker space with reclaimed goods, craft items, and miscellaneous art supplies. People will work in groups to create their just worlds from the available supplies. Then, as a large group, we will talk about their worlds, the societal structures they built, how those structure challenge or perpetuate social problems, and ways we can begin changing our world. The just cities and conversations will be documented and photographed and become a part of the exhibit's display to encourage more dialogue, questions, and imagination.


​© 2016 Amber Johnson, Assistant Professor, Communication Department, Saint Louis University. 

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