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We were founded in 2017 after students suggested the activities that the founder facilitated in class were  transformative and could benefit communities outside of higher education. After a year of stakeholder and design  meetings and grant writing, The Justice Fleet was created. The current truck that houses the exhibits was donated in  kind, and the first exhibit, Radical Forgiveness, was built using $8,000 in grant money. Since then we have grown to  two complete exhibits (Radical Forgiveness and Radical Imagination) and a 3rd almost complete (Transfuturism). We  are in the process of beginning our 4th exhibit build, a Grief Garden, which is a safe, public, green space for communities to grieve via horticulture therapy following instances of systemic injustice. The Justice Fleet has been recognized for our work in various major news outlets. We are the recipient of 11 grants and four national awards.

Mission Statement

The Justice Fleet Museum is a mobile network of experiences that foster healing through art, dialogue, and play.

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