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What We Do

The Justice Fleet is a mobile network of experiences that foster community healing through art, dialogue, and play. Housed inside of box trucks, each mobile exhibit features different forms of interactive therapy and ventures into various neighborhoods to engage community members in discussions about healing justice, implicit and explicit bias, social justice, and empathy. In The Justice Fleet, we believe in Radical Inclusion and Humanizing Equity, which means those most impacted by systemic injustice should have the loudest voices within our organizations and become the faces of solutions. We take our cues from community members and treat them as the stakeholders they are.

Our first exhibit engages community members in a dialogue about Radical Forgiveness—the profound notion that we don’t have to live with fear, pain, hostility, or injustice because we have control over the way we perceive, understand, and act. Our second exhibit, Radical Imagination, invites the community to come together to imagine new systems and build a world without injustice. Radical Forgiveness and Radical Imagination are both fluid and deliberate processes that allows us to heal wounds from injustice.

Transfuturism, an exhibit nearing its completion, is a photography, oral history, and art activism project that utilizes Afrofuturistic art to render the lives of black trans and gender non-conforming folk complex and visible.

Our latest exhibit currently in development is the Justice Fleet Grief Garden. The Grief Garden will create a safe space for community members to grieve publicly or in isolation and provide creative and inspirational outlets for people to access and process their own grief.

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